Project Closure

Project Closure Documents

The Closure process group is often forgotten about. But this is an important time to ensure that you capture and document lessons learned, handle disposal and recycling of materials, close contracts and de-allocate resources.

Conduct Lessons Learned

Lessons learned activities are best conducted when the lessons are fresh on the minds of the team. Additionally, this might be the last opportunity to get the entire team together before they are disbanded. The lessons learned should be documented for future projects and phases.

Close Contracts

Contracts and agreeements must be closed. Incentivized contracts often contain bonus, etc., that must be calculated and closed per the terms of the contract. Agreements with other organizations and divisions must be canceled.

De-allocate Resources

Resources need to go be re-assigned to new projects or initiatives. In well-run organizations, this activity begins months prior to the end of the project to ensure that you are making full use of resources and reducing resource bench-time.